Oluis Media is a professional works exposition that was founded by Juan Oluis in 2013. Oluis was born as Juan Romero Luis in 1988 and over the course of his life developed a fondness and vocation for photography. Oluis later transformed his hobby into a career by becoming a professional Photographer and Graphic Designer. Today, Oluis Media is a proud representative of Professional Communication.

After one year studying at the Università degli studi di Roma Tre  in Italy, Oluis is currently finishing his last year at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid. He is working to earn a doble degree in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism. In 2008 he completed professional training for Imagen and after years of gaining experience, he earned a Masters’ in graphic design at Aula Creactiva in 2011. As a result, his interest in information design grew further.

Moreover, Oluis worked as a photographer at Motorpress Ibérica in 2008 which in turn enabled him to be featured in magazines such as CocheActual, Xtreme Quads, Motociclismo, Runners, and Autopista or Connect, among others. Then in 2009, he worked as a Clinical Photographer at Diagnóstico Bucofacial Dr. Ortega for three years which also allowed him to develop essential and valuable social skills.

In parallel with this, in 2009, Oluis cofounded Sexto Orden magazine, a media outlet that specializes in classic guitar. The same year, he founded MinutoBasket magazine, a magazine for locals, that specialized in Basketball. In 2010, Oluis founded La Sala 101, a blog that focuses on alternative culture, where he documents his beginnings in radiophonic journalism. All in all, throughout the years he has worked as a freeland, creating several projects related to the world of arts, discographic industry and social events.